The Consumer Rights Bill - What you need to know

03/06/15 14:00

PLEASE CONTACT JRUDNICK@TAFORUM.ORG TO REGISTER FOR THIS SEMINAR Consumer law is changing in 2015, as the Consumer Rights Act and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Directive come into force. The law will be clearer and easier to understand, meaning that consumers can buy and businesses can sell to them with confidence. On the rare occasions when problems arise, they will be able to sort out disputes more quickly and cheaply. The changes are relevant to all consumers and every business which sells...

Department for Business Innovation and Skills

Pennies from Heaven - BFPA Training Seminar on Access to Funding

04/06/15 10:00

Contact Janet Dixon on, quoting TAF Member, to reserve your place at this event. Please cc in to ensure you receive the discounted offer for this seminar - Are you taking advantage of the wide range of Government grants currently available to UK Businesses? - Are you aware that you can claim thousands of pounds in R&D Tax Credits even if you don’t think that you do any R&D? The average initial claim last year was £46,000! 3,000 SMEs collectively claimed more than...

ABB Robotics
MK13 8PQ

Exhibiting Masterclass - How to grow your association

11/06/15 10:00

PLEASE CONTACT JRUDNICK@TAFORUM.ORG TO REGISTER YOUR PLACE(S) The Masterclass will cover the following concerns: - How will you get the best when you exhibit – and how will your members achieve more? - How will you attract new members and new exhibitors and sponsors at your own events? And how will you be sure that you and they have maximised the opportunity and measured it? - How will you consistently collect data and market intelligence from the audiences? - How will you collate and analyse this...

Union Jack Club

Working with the Media

17/06/15 09:30

DUE TO A TECHNICAL ERROR WITH ONLINE REGISTRATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT JRUDNICK@TAFORUM.ORG TO REGISTER YOUR PLACE Some trade associations get consistently good coverage in the professional media. Their statements are reported in the national press. They are quoted regularly and their spokespeople appear on radio and TV. They have a high online profile. How do they do it? This seminar demonstrates tools and techniques which ‘media-savvy’ trade associations can use to raise their mainstream and online...

Union Jack Club

Working with your Governing Body - TAF and Odgers Berndtson Event

30/06/15 18:00

SPACES ARE LIMITED. PLEASE CONTACT JRUDNICK@TAFORUM.ORG TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE How effective is your Governing Body? Is this something you measure? If not, why not? Our invite only evening session in Partnership with Odgers-Berndstein, will look at different ways that Trade Associations and other membership organisations work with their Governing Bodies. We will explore what the role of the Governing Body is and the relationship between them and the Association’s staff, and how you can tap into a...

Odgers Berndtson

TAF Annual Conference 2015

09/07/15 12:00

TO REGISTER YOUR PLACE(S) PLEASE CONTACT JRUDNICK@TAFORUM.ORG We are delighted to announce that the TAF Annual Conference 2015 will be back in London this year on Thursday, 9th July 2015! #TAFCONF15 The TAF Annual Conference offers the unique opportunity to network and build business relationships with senior association executives. Delegates will be welcomed with a networking lunch reception followed by an afternoon packed with an impressive line-up of high profile speakers, covering a broad range...

Glaziers Hall

TAF Best Practice Awards 2015

09/07/15 18:30

PLEASE CONTACT JRUDNICK@TAFORUM.ORG TO BOOK YOUR TICKET(S) Now in the thirteenth year, this prestigious award ceremony is eagerly anticipated by TAF members as a chance to showcase their hard work and achievements during the last 12 to 18 months. This year, the Awards have also been endorsed by National Awarding Organisation, NCFE. Price: - Full Table for Members (10 places): £1,750.00 plus VAT - Full Table for Non Members (10 places): £2,900.00 plus VAT If you would like to book individual...

The UnderGlobe, Shakespeare's Globe

Seminar for TA Chairmen

14/10/15 09:30

DUE TO A TECHNICAL ERROR WITH ONLINE REGISTRATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT JRUDNICK@TAFORUM.ORG TO REGISTER YOUR PLACE Each year a number of senior business people, with significant experience in running organisations and conducting meetings, are asked to take on the chairmanship of a trade association. However, they may well find the experience rather different from that which they have been used to. The result is that an incoming chairman struggles to get to grips with the role and may have to spend much time...

The Union Jack Club

PR Measurement and Evaluation

22/10/15 09:30

DUE TO A TECHNICAL ERROR WITH ONLINE REGISTRATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT JRUDNICK@TAFORUM.ORG TO REGISTER YOUR PLACE Public relations is the fastest-growing professional business service ever: from small beginnings in 1960 it now employs over 50,000 people in the UK and generates £9.6 billion a year. Yet we still hear people saying that PR is impossible to evaluate. Not true. This seminar offers budget-holders tools for measuring and evaluating the correspondence between PR inputs (cash, time) against...

Union Jack Club

TV and Radio Interview Technique

19/11/15 09:30

DUE TO A TECHNICAL ERROR WITH ONLINE REGISTRATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT JRUDNICK@TAFORUM.ORG TO REGISTER YOUR PLACE Over 80 per cent of the impression made by a radio or TV interviewee is nothing to do with what they said: it’s mainly about how they seemed – voice, manner, appearance, demeanour. As interviewers know, a radio or TV interview is a performance. This practical seminar shows trade association spokespeople how to make a likeable, credible and memorable impression when they are interviewed on...

Union Jack Club

EU Lobbying for TA Professionals

25/11/15 09:30

PLEASE CONTACT JRUDNICK@TAFORUM.ORG TO REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP Typically trade associations are experienced UK Government lobbyists, but for many association members EU legislation is just as important, or more so. So trade associations need to know how to lobby effectively on behalf of their members in Brussels. This one-day workshop will cover all the basics of professional EU lobbying by trade associations: explaining how power is shared between the European Commission, the European...

The Union Jack Club